May 13, 2011

Mail of the Week (May 9 - 13)

 June issue of Glamour

Coupon from Save.ca for a free box of Kellogg's Corn Flake cereal

Product samples from LaVaque: I didn't know about this brand but their tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee, how great is that? I was sent some Standard Slanted Tweezers and Crystal Nail Files to review.

Products samples from Pink Dandy: Everything from their website look so yummy! Here's what I was sent:
  • Whipped Satin Luxury Hand & Body Cream - Birthday Cake
  • Pink Lace Body Perfume Oil - Citrus Splash
  • Pucker Up Lip Balm - Peach Daiquiri

Reno 911 Female Deputy Adult Costume from Sexy Costume Discounters.com: This is a little random but I agreed to review this costume. Seriously, how could I have said no to a sexy Halloween costume? And let me tell you, I won't wait for Halloween to use it, if you know what I mean =P

Coupon for a free tub of Yoplait Asana yogurt

June issue of Cosmopolitan: Isn't Cameron just gorgeous?

Sample of Purex Complete with Zout

♥ Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock


  1. i love this song .

  2. How cool! I have the same Glamor magazine.

  3. I'm loving the costume!! LOL I wouldn't wait till Halloween either! LOL

  4. ive heard crystal nail filers never lose their grit so they last forever! im excited to see the review for them :)

  5. I've always found it strange why magazines launch their next issue a month early. June issues in May? :o
    The pink dandy stuff looks so cute! I <3 pink stuff! :)

  6. Love Glamour mag. My fave!


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  8. loveeee the glamour cover!

  9. The Pink Dandy looks so nice I can't wait for your review!
    Cameron looks gorgeous! I just bought the issue too. Life time guarantee is awesome! Nice post :)

  10. Hi Gaby! Aww I'm sorry to hear that your day was ruined from the postal service; that's awful that someone might have stolen stuff from your parcel or that it somehow just got wrecked in the mail :( I hope you're able to find a solution like get a refund or the sender can get some claim from the postal outlet.
    Wow how cool is that to review a sexy outfit?! I've always wanted a sexy cop outfit :) I'm sure your boyfriend would love it!!
    That's neat that you get to review some tweezers and crystal nail files too! I think all my Tweezerman tweezers came with a lifetime guarantee - but I think in reality it's cheaper just to buy new ones to replace old because you have to pay for shipping to get it sharpened or whatever by the company...and then you're without a tweezer for who knows how many days while they work on it. But now you have two of each :)
    Although Cameron Diaz is not a favourite actress of mine I agree with you that she does look amazing on the cover of Cosmo.

  11. LMAO at the costume, that's awesome that you get to review that!

  12. Loving these posts :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  13. can't wait for the review on the tweezers, I need a new pair asap.. and love that song to DEATH ;) xx

  14. Sexy costume Gaby! I'm just about to look at the Pink Dandy website - thanks for sharing :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  15. love to get mag in the mail !!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  16. Hello!
    Je suis de retour! Merci pour le compliment sur mes cils, pourtant j'ai jamais rien mis de spécial dessus.
    Je vais voir tes nouveaux articles!
    Des bisous, Madi

  17. @beauty combat : Me too! Makes me want to go clubbing =D

    @Vintage Makeup : I love Glamour!

    @Priscilla @Caitlin : I have tried it on and I think it's more tacky than sexy LOL but maybe I should have gone for the x-small... think it wasn't available though z=

    @MaviDeniz: Well they will lose their grip some day but they last really longer than normal nail files, and I think they work so much better!

    @Beauty By Rosh x : I guess it's because they don't want us to miss some deals, and they want to make sure we get the issue on time (:

    @The Girlie Blog : I can't decide which one is my favorite between Glamour and Cosmo, love them both!

    @beauty combat: Super idée, J'ADORE!

    @Jennifer : I don't really like it, it looks strange to me, don't really know why...

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl : The Pink Dandy stuff is amazing, I love everything so far!

    @Karen Law : Hi Karen! I never experiences something like this before, people can be so stupid, I'm still mad )= Yes I was very excited to review the costume but I find it more tacky than sexy actually LOL. I think the same thing about Tweezerman, not sure they are worth it in the long run because of the shipping fees.

    @Radiant.MakeUp : I'm glad you like them!

    @UrbanMermaid: Their grip is awesome, I'm actually amazed! They beat my drugstore tweezers for sure!

    @Beauty and Bows : I love the Pink Dandy stuff, and everything smells soooo good!

    @Curves ahead makeup : Me too! =D

    @Welovemake-up !: Tu dois avoir simplement des longs cils au naturel alors (: