March 11, 2011

Mail of the Week (March 7 - 11)

Products to review from Reviva Labs: I have never heard of this brand before so when they approached me to review some of their products, I was curious. Here are the products I received:

  • Makeup Primer
  • High Potency Collagen Serum

My purchase from Emma's blog sale: I always love to browse blog sales to find products that aren't available in Canada. Here's what I got from Emma:

  • Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Pink Mallow
  • Barry M Lip Paint in touch of Magic
  • Barry M Lip Liner in 13

I'll write a proper post about these products so stay tuned!

    My purchase from Tiffany blog sale: I'm glad I got some great things from her!

    • MAC Peachstock 
    • Barry M Lip Paint in Dolly Pink

    Swatches in an upcoming post!

    Crystal Light Pure samples: I love them so much, I have actually already wrote a post about these here!

    April issue of Glamour: That dress is gorgeous!

    PETA Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit: Order yours for free here.

     And that's not all! I still have to go pick up three parcels at the post office! These will be featured in my next mail post.


    1. Je savais pas qu avais tent de blog mode maquillage ici moi je suis sur skyrock www.trendscl0thes.skyblog.com

      J'aime beaucoup ton blog !!
      je pense à venir ici sur blogspot j'ai crée monblog www.trendscl0thes.blogspot.com mais jai rien !!!

    2. Wow c'est vraiment des beaux achats surtout les rouge à lèvre mac ils ont vraiment l'air beaux !!

    3. jai hate de voir ce que tu as recu! ^^ et bien sure les swatches =D

    4. i like the pink lipstick! the color looks so pretty! i like the green lippies too, looks different! is it really a green lipstick?


    5. ooh I really want to try the green lip paint :)
      gorgeous post!! x

    6. LOL, ouais justement c'est Jlovesmac1 qui m'avait le plus convaincu que le YSL Faux Cils était le meilleur mascara au monde hahaha : ) Une chance que tu ne l'as pas payé, sinon c'est plutôt frustrant hihi!

    7. @Vanessa B-M : Oh moi je ne suis plus sur Skyrock depuis un bon bout ahah! J'y tenais un blog personnel quand j'avais 16 ans mais je me suis vite tannée de toute la drama qui venait avec. Blogspot c'est tellement mieux!

      @Chloé: Peachstock semble être un bon nude pour moi, enfin! je ne croyais jamais en trouver un adapté à ma peau super pâle!

      @petitechouxx : Je ne sais toujours pas ce que j'ai reçu! J'ai été chercher les paquets mais je n'ai pas eu le temps de les ouvrir avant d'aller chez mon copain ahah! je suis assez impatiente xD

      @BABI : Actually, the green lipstick is called Touch of magic as it turns pink depending on the level of alkali of your lips. On me, it's a pretty dark pink (=

      @..R May A.. : I was so eager to see which color it would turn on my lips. Swatches coming soon!

      @j0waaa : J'ai eu ma leçon, je ne me fierai plus à personne pour mes achats high-end dès maintenant ahah!

    8. A green lipstick how cool :) x

    9. Girl, you picked some great products from the blog sale! I've never heard of Reviva before, I am interested in that collagen Serum. xoxo

    10. Is that a green lipstick??? I am really curious as to why you would pick such an unusual lip color :P

    11. Wow! You got some great items in this week's mail Gaby :) I can't wait to read the reviews!

      Kisses, Melanie

    12. You're absolutely right!! :)
      Wearing lipgloss on top of lipbalm definitely helps the lips from getting chapped in the winter :D

      P.S. I loveee the lipsticks on this post ^.^ Sooo gorgeous!! I've never tried Barry M products :(

    13. I've used one product from Reviva Labs and loved it and I've heard great things about them in general... I hope you have a good experience with the products you got!

    14. @Adrienne : Actually, it's only green in the tube. It turns pink depending on the level of alkali of your lips. But yes, that's pretty cool (=

      @The Beautifier : I've been using the serum for a little more than a week now (I actually received these products last week but couldn't post them in my previous "mail of the week" post) and it's amazing! It makes my skin so soft and moisturized... wow!

      @Rinny : Don't worry, it's only green in the tube! It turns pink depending on the level of alkali of your lips (=

      @Beauty meets Kawaii : Yes, I'm excited! =D

      @MissPukku : Ever since I've discovered this tip, I'm never caught without lipgloss when I'm outside in the cold hehe! Barry M products are amazing, I especially love their lipsticks and nail polishes. Can't wait for them to come to Canada!

      @Jennifer Leigh : Really? I have never heard of them before. I have started using the serum and it's truly amazing!

    15. You get the best mail, I am so curious to hear your thoughts on that collagen serum!

    16. curious on reviva lab products. can't wait for your review gabby! =)

    17. all the comments about the green lipstick are making me laugh, people will think im such a weirdo for owning that to sell! thanks for the mention :)

    18. I always enjoy your mail posts.:D

      Have a great weekend!:D

      ***** Marie *****

    19. Thanks for following my blog! Can't wait for your swatches :D (Especially the green-turns-pink one) :D Followed back, btw :D

    20. I have used Reviva before, good stuff. That looks like an awesome haul. Have a great weekend XOXO

    21. @Tracy D : So far, I'm impressed! it moisturizes my super dry skin really well.

      @Jennifer: I'm glad you like them Jen (=

      @Ahleessa: Indeed! =D

      @sugar sugar : I like them so far. The serum moisturizes my skin really well, but I still have to play more with the primer before writing a proper review.

      @Emma : You're welcome (=

      @Marie: I'm glad you enjoy them Marie!

      @Aya: I have already swatched them, I just have to find some time to write a proper post hehe!

      @Venus In Virgo : I like the Reviva Labs product so far, I'm impressed (=

    22. I am super stoked to read about the Reviva reviews....can't wait to see what you think of the products and if they've done anything for you...


    23. wow. that green lipstick looks cool. i was wondering... does that actually come out green from the tube or is it a completely different color when applied? i remember magic lipstick back in the day. they looked green on the tube and they turn pink when on the lips. it was really cool. :)

      i'm definitely going to get those crystal light powders when i find them on my next grocery trip. they would come in really handy to bring for work too. :) i'll let you know how i like them. :)

      too faced products indeed are awesome. the natural eye palette you mentioned is really pretty. they have one of the best eye shadows. they're so smooth and easy to blend. :)

      enjoy your monday. take care. :)

    24. I have yet to get my hands on Peachstock! It looks lovely and Kate Winslet is GORGEOUS!

    25. wow always get great items in your mail!! Please do a review for barry m lipsticks :)

    26. Merci Gaby!
      Mais wow, mais la facon la plus rapide est quand même longue.. Faudrait qu'il règle ça blogger.
      En tout cas, j'ai hate de voir les 3 paquets que t'es allée chercher au poste!!
      J'aime tellement tes Mails of the week, tu recois toujours plein de trucs!!

    27. @Christina: I'm already working on it, and so far, I'm impressed!

      @Jannie : No it isn't green on your lips, of course. It's a "magic lipstick" that turns pink depending on the level of alakani of your lips. Crystal Light is amazing, especially if you have trouble drinking plain water.

      @Jannie : Peachstock might be the perfect nude for me, but maybe it's a little too sooin to tell! We'll see (=

      @Madiha: I'll be sure to write a proper post about them (=

      @Valili : Oui je sais, c'est un peu stupide, surtout quand tu suis de smilions de blogs comme moi, et que tu te rends compte que la moitié sont "morts" ahah! Ça serait bien qu'on puisse simplement cocher les blogs qu'on ne veut plus suivre ou quelque chose comme ça... J'ai été chercher mes trois paquets, je vais les mettre dans mon Mail of the Week de cette semaine (=

    28. Thanks for following my blog!
      Im your new follower as well, cuz I really like your blog!