January 10, 2011

December empties

 ☑ Fast Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner (sample)

These samples were too small so I couldn't really test them accordingly. However, I don't remember if it's the shampoo or the conditioner, but one of them stinks to death! 

Repurchase? no

What I'm currently using to replace it: Pantene Color Hair Solutions Color Preserve Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (50 mL)

 ☑ Nude Cleansing Facial Oil (sample)

This sample was very small but it confirmed my doubts about cleansing oils. It feels very strange to wash your face with oil; it just doesn't feel clean. 

Repurchase? no

What I'm currently using to replace it: Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

☑ Nude Age Defence Moisturiser (sample)

This just didn't seem to properly moisturise my super dry skin. 

Repurchase? no

What I'm currently using to replace it: Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Gel-Cream for dry skin

 ☑ Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat

I used this up, but of course I couldn't get the very last bits because it has become so thick and completely unuseable -_- But I love how shiny it made my nails, and it's great at refreshing an old mani. 

Repurchase? yes

What I'm currently using to replace it: -

 ☑ EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream (sample)

I really wanted to love this... but no, I absolutely hate it! It's way too watery, and a plain old bar of soap did a better job than this! 

Repurchase? no

What I'm currently using to replace it: EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream (sample)


  1. Do you like the EOS shave cream? I HATED mine - it clogs up your razor like nothing else! When I was using it I went through more razors in a week than I did in a month! (it is very moisturizing though!) :)

  2. I love getting to sample products without shelling out the full price. "One of them stinks to death"..might be my favourite line from a blog this week :)

  3. I definitely agree with not feeling really right/clean with cleansing oils, coz' i always like my skin squeaky clean:-)

  4. I love to read about empties, I have even started writing about it myself. You can find it under "Rensat bort" in my blog if you can not read swedish.

  5. @Shaylee Anne : Oh yes, you are totally right! Not only did it clog up my razor, but I also find it way too watery and messy to use. I haven't even noticed if it was moisturizing as I was so angry against it LOL.

    @Tracy@mybestbeautybuys: I totally agree! I'm glad you liked my line LOL! But it really stinks... I can't even explain the scent, it's horrible x=

    @MINAKICHU: Yes, it's annoying. And I don'g get the point of putting even more oil on your face? z=

    @Ninni : I find it really motivating to post my empties on mt blog (even though most of the products I use up are samples).

  6. Its a good feeling when you have finished using something up. Was the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat good at stopping chipping?

  7. For a shaving cream you might want to try Aveeno shaving cream. I find them at Ross quite often. It is so thick and lovely.

    Love the idea for this post too. :)

  8. Hi Gaby! Ah, I think maybe blogger didn't upload a picture or I am reading it wrong? Which shaving cream did you not like? I only like the Gilette Satin Care series of shaving foam. I don't get irritation from it and the foam is amazing ;)
    LOL - I think you might remember my feelings for SH Mega Shine. Its great for a regular manicure but not for konad stamping. So for that reason I can't wait to finish my bottle and get a new top coat since nowadays I'm always using konad with my manicure base colour ;)
    LOL @ "one of them stinks to death". For me, it's important to have good smelling shampoos and conditioners....maybe if it really worked to fortify your hair the stench would be okay. But like you said, it's often hard to tell from a small sample :S

  9. Lol!! stinks to death. I can't stop laughing when I read it.

    I've always wanted to try out cleansing oils. It sounds kinda cool, washing off all your makeup and emulsifying with water. It shouldn't leave an oily residue, right?

  10. I won't get the EOS shaving cream :P
    I have awarded you on my blog, the Stylish Blogger award :) You might already recived it, but hey you deserve it. Congrats!

  11. Je ne sais pas trop l'expliquer en anglais, alors je préfère le dire en français. L'huile démaquillante, c'est ce que j'utilise chaque soir. C'est le top pour dissoudre make up et/ou pollution. Faire des massages, c'est encore mieux. Puis émulsionner à l'eau, rincer. Ensuite vient le nettoyant qui mousse et retire l'huile qui serait restée sur ton visage. Vient ensuite la lotion pour retirer le calcaire de l'eau, puis les soins (sérum, contour des yeux, crème). C'est le principe du layering (on dit Millefeuille en France, comme le gâteau) japonais qui commence à beaucoup se répandre en France. mais l'huile toute seule, je suis d'accord, c'est pas terrible.

  12. @Enigma: Well I guess it was good, but I prefer to reapply a top coat every other day to refresh the manicure and to ensure it will last longer without chipping. I would definitely repurchase it (=

    @Lillian: Thanks for the suggestion, but I never buy shaving cream. I prefer to use a bar or soap, shower gel, conditioner or even baby oil. Everything works, really!

    @Karen: Oh I can see the picture, I can't see what's wrong... ? But I'm talking about EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream. I got some samples but I absolutely hate it )= Yes I have tried the Gillette shaving foams and yes, they are great, but I don't usually buy shaving creams as I prefer to use a bar of soap, shower gel, conditioner or baby oil.

    @Isabel: Ahah it seems I made lots of people laugh with this line LOL. You're right, cleansing oils shouldn't leave a residue, and I'm not sure if this one did or not, but I just didn't feel completely clean after using it z=

    @"L": Thanks for the award (=

    @Laurence: Oui je sais ce qu'est de l'huile démaquillante, mais celle dont je parle est une huile nettoyante, ce n'est pas la même chose. C'est vrai que ça marche super bien à tout dissoudre l'huile démaquillante, mais moi j'utilise simplement de l'huile pour bébé ;) Oui j'avais entendu parler du principe du layering mais je ne vois pas en quoi c'est nouveau car j'ai toujours fait ça, utiliser mes soins un après l'autre?

  13. Je ne pense pas que ce soit nouveau, c'est juste une mode et concernant les asiatiques, c'est le fait de se tartiner d'un nombre incroyable de produits. En effet, l'huile nettoyante, je ne connais pas.

  14. @Laurence: Je n'aime pas trop le mot "tartiner" dans ce contexte ahah! J'utilise également beaucoup de produits l'un après l'autre, mais je ne savais pas qu'il y avait un nom pour ça.