December 21, 2010

Guest blogging at Annabelle's blog: How to curl your hair with a flat iron

It has been a very long time since I promised you a tutorial on how I curl my hair with a flat iron... well, it's finally here! You will have to head over Annabelle's blog for the tutorial (including a video!)


  1. Looks lovely, I'll be off to check out how you did that!

  2. It looks lovely! :) The video is great, you make it look so easy. Thanks for this tutorial, I will definitely try it, but will probably end up with burnt fingers!

  3. cool tu es dans le blog d'annabelle!!

    merci pour le tutorial

  4. Looks beautiful, heading over to check out the video Gaby.

  5. lovely job! you should do more hair tutorials! your hair is so shiny.

  6. C'est vraiment bien fait! On dirait le travail d'un fer à friser!

    C'est super beau,j'adore,mais mes cheveux sont rendus trop courts pour faire ça. : (


  7. It's so gorgeous!!! You curl your hair really well. I need to learn from you... hehe~

  8. Thank you! I think curling my hair with a flat iron is easier than with a curling iron, hahaha. I think I'm just weird like that though!

  9. That's super cool that you got a chance to do a video for Annabelle's new blog Gaby :)
    I cannot for the life of me curl my hair with a straightener. I have tried so many times and failed each time LOL So I kinda laughed when at the beginning of the video you said "it's easy I swear". I always have to use a hair curler.....and it's only an issue when I travel and don't want to carry both a straightener and a curler because my two in one broke down like 3 weeks ago :S

  10. I can never get my hair done like that. hence i got 6 different tools LOL =P :)
    I need to learn

  11. I like! I will be trying to make a video or a post about this aswell :D

  12. @Enigma: I hope you will like it (=

    @Gemx: Thanks! But it really is easy! Yes, I burnt my fingers the first times, too xD

    @Ms Bubu : Merci (=

    @petitechouxx: Oui hihi, c'est excitant!

    @Tracy@mybestbeautybuys: Thanks, I hope you will like it (=

    @My-My : Thanks, but I don't know, I'm not sure if I like doing videos, and this is far from being the best one LOL.

    @NANCYXO: Thanks =D

    @luckiebeauty : Je trouve que c'est bien plus facile travailler avec un fer plat, et le résultat est plus naturel, les boucles sont plus "lousses".

    @Ahleessa: You should try it with your new flat iron hehe! It's very easy!

    @Amaris: I totally agree! I absolutely can't curl my hair with a curling iron, it's always such a mess!

    @Karen: Yes, I'm very happy, it's so exciting! That's funny because for me it's the exact opposite: I absolutely can't curl my hair with a curling iron, it's always such a mess! And I find that with a flat iron it's much more fast, and the result is much more natural (=

    @Rinz : Aww seriously? I find it,s so easy with a flat iron, way much that with a curling iron! Practice makes perfect, I guess!

    @"L": Thanks! I would love to see your video (=

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