December 28, 2010

Christmas Presents

Kukuxumusu Aluminium Flask 0.75 L: Isn't it the cutest water bottle? I already had one for school but it was absolutely not waterproof (even if it was claimed to be). This one is waterproof (I have tested it), and it's super adorable!

Toad Collectable Plush Toy : I love Nintendo plushes! I already have Yoshi and Koopa, and now, Toad joins the family (=

Rottweiler slippers: I live in slippers because it's always so cold in my house, and those are super cute, but myabe they are a little too big (they are actually men's slippers in medium). Anyway, I just need to be careful to not trip down the stairs LOL.

Leopard print pyjama bottoms: When I don't go out, I love to be lazy and lounge around in pyjama bottoms, so they need to be really comfy. These are sooo soft and warm, I never want to take them off!

Leopard print slippers: These slippers are super warm, too!

Reversible plush sweater 
Animal print blanket

Celebration 2011: This is a lottery ticket that you can buy only in the Holidays, and there's a draw everyday until January 9.

Ultramar Gift Card: Who doesn't need gas?

Sony Dream Machine FM/AM Clock Radio: My father couldn't stop raving about this auto-time set clock radio, and I agree that it comes in handy as there's a battery backup if the electricity runs out.

Kiehl's Coconut Lip Balm #1 SPF 4 Sunscreen: I have never tried anything from Kiehl's as it's so pricey, but my mother decided to spoil me since I have dry lips that become even drier in the winter.

Naturally Upper Canada Sweet Vanilla Fig Hydrating Shower Gel
Naturally Upper Canada Sweet Vanilla Fig Hand & Body Lotion
Naturally Upper Canada Cranberry Moro Orange Foaming Bath Milk

Domaine Lafrance Ice Cider: I love ice cider!

Horses 2011 Calendar: I love horses, and I need a calendar with big squares to write appointements and other memos in them.

10 pairs of socks: My socks always end up with holes in them, but now I have a backup! Yey!

My first LUSH goodies! : My boyfriend went to the mall for the Boxing Day so I asked him to chek out the sales at LUSH, and he came back with all of those goodies:
  • Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
  • Glögg Shower Gel
  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel
  • Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb
  • Candy Cane Bubble Bar
  • Cinders Bath Bomb
  • Bonbon Lip Scrubs
  • Lil LUSH Pud Bath Bomb
  • So White Bath Bomb
  • Snowcake Soap
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

    I'm seriously super excited with all of those goodies, and I can't wait to try them all, especially Snow Fairy and Honey I Washed The Kids! =D

     Super Mario Coin Candies: I love to collect everything related to Nintendo =D

    Wal-Mart Gift Card: I'm always shopping at Wal-Mart so I will definitely use this very quickly!

    New computer chair: I needed a new one very badly! This one is so comfy!

    Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace: My room is in the basement so it's always colder in here, and when my father discovered this, he wanted to buy me one. It's so beautiful and it will definitely keep me warm! There's even a remote control =P

    I've definitely been spoiled! I didn't even ask for specific things except for LUSH products (thanks baby!), and I wasn't expecting anything (expect for the computer chair... it's not my fault the wrapping paper was see-through LOL!) so I'm very happy I received such wonderful things. I hope you had a great Christmas, and great gifts as well!


    1. Great gifts - those Lush goodies are amazing, very jealous! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

    2. OMG love the slippers and the pyjamas! Soo adorable <3

    3. soo much lush goodies !! ^_^

      hehe the toad is so cute, and i love the rottweiler slippers ! and the leopard pj's ! hehe

      hope you had a good christmas ^_^

    4. That water bottle is so cute! I have one but it seems to keep leaking. I like all those PJs and slippers, got to keep warm and comfy!

      What is ice cider? x

    5. Aww!! Yay! Glad you had a good Christmas :) I love the slippers!!

    6. @LilyLipstick: Those LUSH goodies are the presents I'm the most excited about LOL! Can you believbe I have never tried anything from them before?

      @Jennifer : Absolutely! =D

      @UrbanMermaid: Yes, and they even match LOL!

      @siwing: I'm soooo happy, especially with the LUSH goodies hehe!

      @Enigma: My old one kept leaking too, even though it's supposed to be waterproof -_- Ice cider is a fermented beverage made from the frozen juice of apples. It's soooo sweet and yummy, iy goes perfectly with dessert =D

      @prettyinthedesert: Yes I did! =D

    7. Lush, Nintendo and warm comfy goodies! That sounds like an awesome Christmas! :)

    8. Oh Gaby! These are wonderful presents! You most definitely had a whimsical Christmas! :)

      Those leopard jammies look extremeley cumfy and you can keep warm in that blanket. <3

      I've always wanted slippers that I can sink my feet into. The only ones I've seen were Ninja Turtles at Hot Topic. I want little pandas!

      They all look wonderful, girlie!

    9. Great christmas haul! That's nice that you got a bunch of stuff that you can use, and not just have lying around :)

      Hehe I'm a big video game junkie too :P

    10. Oausi Gaby le père Noel t'a gatée! J'aime bien certains produits Lush, et si j'étais en ville là moi aussi je profiterais de leurs soldes! (Je veux essayer Honey I washed the kids, ca sent bon!)

    11. @Donna ♥ Baby: I know right! I'm still super excited about everything LOL!

      @Gemx: Yes, it definitely was an awesome Christmas hehe! =D

      @Toni Tralala: Yes I received amazing goodies! I'm still super excited LOL! The downside with slippers that you can sink your feet into is that they make them sweat (well I have this problem). But maybe it's because the ones I have are REALLY warm? But I love them anyway =D

      @Rinny: Yes, I prefer practical things. Nintendo rocks! =D

      @Ms Bubu: Oui, vraiment! Je suis cuper contente! Ce sont mes premiers produits LUSH donc je suis vraiment, mais vraiment excitée ahah! J'ai même été fair eun tour à la boutique le jour d'après et ils avaient un solde 2 pour 1 donc j'ai acheté deux savons... j'aurais pas du car les savons en bar durent super longtemps mais je n'ai pas pu résister, ils sentent troooop bons! Honey I Washed The Kids est le seul savon que j'ai essayé à date et oui, il sent vraiment bon!

    12. Oh you got some beautiful gifts! xx

    13. <3 lush!!!! Snow Fairy is beautiful!! I love the jimjam (pj) bottoms very cute! hope you had a fab christmas x

    14. @Shabna : Yes, I've been totally spoiled =d

      @Hayley: I'm glad I will finally be able to test Snow Fairy for myself after hearing so many great things about it!

    15. Oh the pajamas and blanket look so comfortable and I love the animal print!

      I love seeing what people get from Lush, and I can't wait to hear your opinions on the things you got!

    16. Super nice gifts!!! LOVE the LUSH stuff...have fun with all that! And, love the leopard jammies! I got a leopard robe for Christmas and love it...I am with ya, when I am home, I like to be comfy! :)

    17. Great practicle gifts! :)

    18. i've got pajama bottoms exactly like those!

      and you got so much lush stuff :O x

    19. wow, awesome gifts :) I love the electric fire xxx

    20. Great gifts you got there - that's an impressive Lush stash!

    21. The flask and the puppy slippers are sooo cute!
      As for the Lush and the other great smelling things...I'm so jealous!In a good way!
      I love all the things you got!I hope you get awesome things for new year's as well!

    22. aww your presents are adorable! great lush products <3 xx

    23. Such amazing gifts!!!! Love that water bottle! haha Cutest ever :D And your boyfriend is amazing for buying you LUSH!! You're most definitely loved♥


    24. wow tu as beaucoup de cadeaux de noel =DDD jaime ton super mario coin candies! =D

    25. hi gaby! aahh, so many presents! that's a lot of amazing stuffs! the rottweiler slippers are so cute~ and the animal printed items too! whoa, so many lush soaps!! oh btw, thanks for your comment on my recent post :D i want to try the nice 'n easy hair dye^_^ advance happy new year! xoxo

    26. nice presents! I have wanted to try that lip balm forever! Let me know how it works!

    27. @Jennifer : I also love seeing what other people get from LUSH, it makes me want to try everything! But now I'm excited to try what I've got hehe!

      @Pammy: I know I will enjoy everything, I'm so excited! Ooooh a leopard robe... must be gorgeous!

      @Deanna : Yes, totally! =D

      @Sarah♥ : Really? Now that's funny hehe! they are sooo comfy (=

      @Jo Woods: I love it, too! My father installed it in my room tonight, it's so beautiful and it definitely keeps me warm (=

      @Kat: Yes, I've been spoiled! =D

      @Ria @Adele: Those LUSH goodies are the things I'm the most excited about LOL!

      @Jennifer Leigh: I know! I love Nintendo products =D

      @candy spples: Yes he is! He totally spoiled me! =D

      @petitechouxx: Oui je sais, j'ai été super gâtée, ça a pas d'allure!

      @Locke: Nice 'N Easy is my favorite hair dye, I find it's the one that fades the less compared to other brands I've tried. And it's often on sale so I like to stock up! Happy new year to you too! =D

      @Chic Geek: I'll be sure to review it! Can't wait to try it!

    28. Wow you got so many wonderful things for Christmas Gaby!
      I LOVE the wall mount fireplace! I totally want one now :) You'll have to do a review on it and let us know if it emits quite a bit of heat and if it's easy to mount etc...
      Lush stuff smells so nice!
      And my younger sister bought my older sister some socks she requested LOL I also got some socks from Dale
      The alarm clock will come in handy - I love mine and I put it beside my bedside table. The numbers are big and bright which is important to me since I don't have my glasses/contacts on at night :S
      I also got some lottery scratch and win tickets for Christmas :) It's very cool as they do special Holiday ones every year and I got $20 from mine. Hope you win big with yours!

    29. Ooh, lucky!! :) Great haul. Those Lush goodies look fab!


    30. Great haul! I love the slippers! So cute! :)

    31. I love the Leopard print pyjama bottoms! I also like wearing pyjama bottoms when I don't have to go out, it's comfy but still cute ;)

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    33. you got alot of nice warm gifts, that's always good!
      That Lush stuff looks delicious :]
      I tagged you on my post about New Years resolution, hope you will join in:]

    34. You got spoiled!
      OMG I want one of those fire places, how cozy! Does it get warm too?
      You got SO MUCH lovely Lush stuff!! Lucky!

    35. Lovely gifts

      I love the leopard print PJ'S and I love the Rottweiler slippers xx

    36. @Karen: Yes, I've been totally spoiled! I'm so happy! The electric fireplace is awesome, it's so warm and beautiful! My father already mounted it when I was away LOL! But I didn't win anything from my lottery ticket xd

      @Val @LipGlossGossip: Yes, they are amazing!

      @Agnes: They are so comfy and practical hehe!

      @la mi: Thank you!

      @SiSi Sparkles: Yes, I'm very happy! Thanks for tagging me, I will definitely check this out! =D

      @Miss*Kimmy : Yes, it gets REALLY warm LOL! And it's so beautiful =D

      @The Brunette: I love them, too! I'm always wearing them =D

    37. Thanks for sharing your Xmas goodies with us. How lovely that you were spoiled! Enjoy it all x jeanie

    38. nice xmas haul!! I FREAKING LOVE anything NES as well! that toad is too cute =D my lil sis has a half sleeve its pretty rad!
      I have never seen that fire place before but it looks like it would be handy, how did it work?

    39. where did you find the Rottweiler slippers?! I've been looking ALL over for a pair for my boyfriend for Christmas and can't find them anyyywhere!

    40. @Anonymous: It was a gift so I'm not sure but I think they came from Walmart!