November 03, 2010

October in pictures


  1. great pictures! so many freebies and samples :D <33

  2. awesome pics! very cute baby, mice and comp cover~
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... vividfusion.blogspot.com ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  3. lovely photos! you've got such flawless skin! I'm so jealous! xx

  4. I love posts like this.:D

    I like how the brown black hair makes your skin look so vibrant.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. La photo du raton! Trop fort!

  6. All the animals in this were so cute! x

  7. Awww your two rats cuddling up together is sooo cute :)
    Sorry I'm confused - who is Nasa?
    The picture of the football stadium that you took looks amazing - it looks like a professional picture!
    You look gorgeous in all your pictures Gaby - love your hair and makeup.
    Oh I hope the Purple or Deep Red hair colour kits work out for us both :)

  8. @paperheart: Thanks! Yes, I've been lucky (=

    @Miss Krimson : Thanks!

    @roshas: Thanks! My skin is far from flawless... but I like it anyway, and what can I do? =P

    @Marie: I'm glad you love those posts!

    @InsideOut Elle : (=

    @Mei Ling: Ahah contente que tu l'aimes!

    @Christina Marie `(=

  9. Hello again Gaby! You know what? I thought in the first picture that was a degu for sure!!! But then a couple of pictures below it looks like Dorothy is with a rat. I thought for some reason Degu's were quite a bit bigger than rats....hmmm, I'm mistaken then :S
    Ahh, now it makes sense about your Nasa sign. It's true - it is very sad about the tests they run on monkeys. I wonder how they try to justify these tests.
    Wow, you took that picture from your cellphone?! My iPhone takes crap pictures LOL
    Sounds good! If I get around to buying and using teh Garnier Intense Red hair dye before I next Tuesday, I will post pictures on my blog for you. That way if it comes out ugly you don't have to waste your money and time LOL
    Oh and about the Tiger Temple, maybe people can't expose their shoulder because a shoulder looks like a nice pork chop to a tiger's eyes? LOL
    Actually I thought about the same question you asked. I think the staff purposely wear orange so that if a tiger gets upset and decides to attack, it attacks one of the trainers first instead of a tourist. I think that's kind of smart, don't you think so?
    Yep, that tiger was fast asleep. The trainers just lift a tiger's head by the collar and brought it into my Dad's lap LOL Sounds funny but I was still a bit concerned for my safety!

  10. Love this post, and you're so pretty

  11. OMG! We DO have the same style cover! expect jut different model! So awesome! I like this colour better than the black and gray one!

    I didn't know you had mice! Are they both mice? Cuz the gray one looks really different!

    They are just adorable > <

    and you look gorgeous in all picture! Love you in dark hair color!

  12. @Jennifer: Thanks, I'm glad you love this post (=

    @Dolce♥Bunny: I like this color better, too! It's more original and sooo pretty ^^ I have a rat and this degu is my brother's (=

  13. The baby is so cute! Great pictures :)

  14. @Dina (XYYan) : I love this picture of him! He is always smiling and laughing, it's the perfect baby boy hehe! Oh but he's not mine xD

  15. Hey Gaby! How are you? I just noticed you have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen :)

    Anyway, in regards to my post, yup no need to rinse (at least I didn't need to) it wasn't crazy greasy and just felt like a nice moisturizer on my hand and on my face. Definitely worth a try!

  16. Au fait Gaby, c'est une vrai soris sur la photo? mdr on dirait en tt cas :p
    Et le ptit bébé dans la beignoir est trop chou en tt cas :)

    Nouvel article sur mon blog, comme d'habitude :D

    Plein de bisous et à très vite !

  17. Great pics! Love that MAC lipstick (^_^)

  18. @Vanessa: Aww thank you very much eheh!! And I can't wait to give a try to the pond's Cold Cream! Thanks for letting me know (=

    @Elisabeth-Modèle : Non c'est un rat et un degu (octodon) sur les photos, mais oui, ils sont bien réels! Merci de toujours me tenir au courant, je vais voir ça tout de suite (=

    @Becky: Thanks! Yes, it's awesome!

  19. What a fantastic post! LOVED your photos- such a great way to sum up your Ocobter- looks like lots of fun :)

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  21. @Sarah: I'm glad you loved my post! Yes it was a great month for me (=

    @la mi: I'm glad you love my blog!

  22. Great pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful month!

  23. @GlossQueen: yes, it was a great month for me (=

  24. i love these posts ,, with loads of pics =)
    and u look gorgeous with that lipstick on ,, <3

  25. @Princess Feef: I'm glad you like these posts (= And I love both lipsticks (=

  26. Cool Stuff Gaby! :) Belated Happy Birthday!