October 02, 2010

Mail of the week (September 27 - October 1)

Books from eHarlquin: I received:
  • Burning Up, by Susan Anderson
  • Into The Wild, by Beth Ciotta
  • Breathless, by Anne Stuart
  • Whisper of Scandal, by Nicola Gornick
 October 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan

Package from PETA

Free Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites Cookbook with Sun-Maid® Raisins & Dried Fruit: Get yours here (US and Canada only)


  1. Yeah i love jlovesmac1 on youtube and blogger. Her videos are always so fun and she is really talented.
    Her lashes always look so amazing, so i thought i had to give this mascara a try. Havent found the right one for me yet, maybe this is the one :)


  2. aww u bought nice novels :D i love reading novel but i dont have time to read novel now hehe

  3. @Christine: She is my favorite YouTube guru (= I hope this mascara will work just as well for you, too!

    @ipehisphere: Harlequins are no really my thing, but I received them fro free so I didn't say no! I've started reading Into The Wild and it's just not a romance novel, it's also on the adventure side, which I like (=

  4. Salut Gaby!

    He oui, jai un platre, rose en plus! Tu verras bien une photo un jour!

    Oui, les fourmis dans les jambes ca peut etre dangereux! J'm'assoies toujours sur mes jambes, alors je les sens plus! J'me demande d'ailleurs pkoi ca m'est pas arrive plus tot!

  5. Hello Gaby, nouvel article sur mon blog miss alors à très vite j'espère! Plein de bisous :)

  6. @Ms Bubu: Onh, un plâtre rose! En effet, je suis curieuse de voir une photo (= J'espère que tu vas mieux!

    @Elisabeth-Modèle: Merci, je passerai (=