October 29, 2010

Mail of the week (October 25 - 29)

 A coupon for a free tub of Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes: I believe this offer has ended, but you can still complete this form to get $1.00 off Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes.

Free sample of Escada Absolutely Me: This smells sweet, like most of Escada fragrances. Try it for free, too! Just fill in your details here.

My laptop case from eBay:  I wanted one with animal prints so bad... and I found one! It's great, I love it. And I got it for only $11.55! I bought it here.

 Samples from Shiseido: A while back ago, Shiseido offered to fill an online survey to send products samples suited to our skin type. I have no idea why I received samples from the Pureness Oil-Control 1-2-3 Skincare range as my skin is dry, but those are one application samples, so I'll try them anyway.
  • Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Pureness Balancing Softener Alcohol-Free
  • Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free
  • Facial cotton (4 sheets)
November 2010 issue of ELLE Canada: I got an offer to subscribe to this magazine for only $1 an issue, so I decided to give it a try (=

My prize from Shade's giveaway: The prize was a jewelry piece of my choice from $35 and under from Fantasy Jewelry Box. Now a lot of trouble happened (I waited around 2 weeks after placing my order to finally be told that they thought the package got lost, but then they realized the item I wanted was discontinued), so they told me they were sorry and gave me a credit of $60 instead. When I picked two items and ordered them (for a total of $59.90), they thought I was reviewing a piece of jewelry - in which case the limit is $50, so they told me to call the customer service. I wrote back to them saying I only won a giveaway, and that I had spoken with a different lady before and blahblahblah. After all that trouble, I finally received a package from them... only to find that one item I ordered was missing! I ordered Ashlee's Silver Studded Black Metal Bangle for me and Champagne & Clear CZ Princess Cut Gold Tennis Bracelet for my mother but I only received the last one! I contacted them regarding that but I always receive their answer 1 week later... I'm thinking that they are being very unprofessional. I will definitely not order from them again! But thank you Shade for this giveaway!

 November 2010 issue of Allure

Samples from P&G brandSampler: New October samples have arrived! This is what I received:
  • Cascade All in 1 (2 pacs)
  • Scope Outlast Mouthwash
  • OLAY Ultra Moisture Body Wash with shea butter
  • Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Order yours here.


  1. HI Gaby! Aw that's too bad that Fantasy Jewelry box missed out one of their bangles sent to you and seem so unprofessional in responding back to you. Thanks for letting us know about the company.
    I got the Scope Outlast mouthwash in my P&G sampler too :) Its really good in terms of leaving a long lasting mint taste in my mouth - so good that I went to go buy a full sized bottle yesterday with the $1 off coupon :)
    I got the same Shiseido sample although I think mine was for dry skin...however mine didn't come with a facial cotton swab :S

  2. pour le shiseido jai recu le anti-age skincare 1-2-3 o.O (je me suis pas vieille que ca!!! D=) et ma soeur le hydratant skincare 1-2-3

    je crois que la compagnie choisit au hasard o.O

  3. Thanks for the comment Gaby. Wow love the laptop case, uber cute, and I love Elle and Evan Rachel Wood is so so pretty :)
    Cool samples, it's great to try stuff first. xx

  4. Thats a great mail haul! I wish my mail looked like that haha! Great blog, thanks for the comment! :)

  5. @Karen: Yes, I'm a little disappointed as I have not even heard from them yet about the missing bangle. They always reply 1 week later, which is very unprofessional in my opinion. I'm glad I only won a giveaway and didn't pay for those items. It,s cool that you liked the Scope mouthwash, I haven't used it yet, I plan on keeping it in my handbag (=

    @The Girlie Blog: Isn't it the coolest? Hehe!

    @petitechouxx: C'est cool d'avoir pu faire l'essai de leurs produits mais quand même, à quoi ça a servi de répondre au sondage s'ils n'ont même pas tenu compte de nos réponses? z=

    @Vintage and Cake: I love my laptopt case too hehe! And who doesn't like to try stuff for free first? =D

    @Shaylee Anne: Thanks!

  6. Love your blog sooo soooooo much! I hope you will follow or visit my blog:)

  7. Nice mail of the week , in mine, just bills !

    1$ for Elle Qc, I think it's just what it's worth...I found there are so many adds and so little articles. Last time, I got one for free and the reviews on films were so bad : I actually think they haven't seen the film as everything was mixed up (name of the characters and story). I found it SO unprofessional !

    Sorry for the give away mixed up : the bracelet is nice though !

    Caro xxx

  8. @Nicoline: I'm glad you like my blog! Thank you =D

    @MUA: Yes, you are right, I'm a little disappointed by ELLE. I'll stick to Glamour and Cosmopolitan, which have never let me down!

  9. Hello ♥ Thanks for following.

    I love the laptop case. I am constantly buying things off of ebay. I got my current laptop sleeve from Victoria's Secret but I think I love your zebra one wayy better. Too bad it won't fit my laptop :(

  10. Wow, you got all these products if not for free, for a steal! You must share your secret with us! =)

    p.s. love me Canadian bloggers, yay!



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  11. wow! laptop case in zebra prints! i love it! very pretty!

  12. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Gaby !
    I wanted to try the Cascada perfume but unfortunately I can't receive a free sample in France, too bad.
    Your laptop case is adorable, & your bracelet too !

  13. I love the laptop case!
    it's so cute :)

  14. Hi Gaby :)
    Yes, the Scope mouthwash is a good size for your handbag. I actually kept my bottle to refill it. It's really good mouthwash since the minty feeling lasts me a long time like no other mouthwash.
    Oh and about the nail polish thinner, you don't have to buy a special one. You can use nail polish remover as a nail polish thinner. That's what I do. If I really love a nail polish and it's getting too thick, I just pour a bit of nail polish remover into the nail polish bottle and voila - back to normal :) And, I don't think it really affects the chipping that much though (even though the article said so) as all my nail polishes chip within 2-3 days no matter what brand. Let me know if you try it and it works for you :)

  15. Le bracelet doré que tu as autour du poignet est vraiment trop canon, je veux le meme Gaby :D

    Bon dimanche et plein de bisous.
    Je viens de poster un nouvel artile :) ! A très vite ...

  16. @kawaiikao: (=

    @Lindsie ♥: I'm also constantly buying things off eBay, too many maybe LOL. I never knew that Victoria Secret made laptop cases!

    @20 York Street : No, not everything was free LOL. But I will definitely make a post about the freebies websites I use.

    @ShineyGlam : Isn't it? I'm so glad I found it!

    @Audrey Marianne : Yes, most of the offers I share with my readers are for Canadian residents only since offers for other countries are not really revelant to me. But the fragrance smells lovely!

    @..R May A.. : I just LOVE it! And what a steal!

    @Elisabeth-Modèle : Merci!

  17. ooh I love the smell of Escada perfume. Also, the zebra laptop bag is pretty nice!

  18. @Pop Champagne: I find that all of Escada perfume smell similar, and they are always amazing hehe!