August 30, 2010

Thank you stepmom!

My boyfriend's mother went to The Bay this week-end and she found some great stuff on sale. She also got those two fragrance samples for free and she gave them to me:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau de toilette spray:
Radiant and charming, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet capturing the vintage edge of the violet.

I'm not a fan. This fragrance is way too light for me, and it's the same as smelling a flower. Nothing interesting, really.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de toilette: 
The first fresh aquatic fragrance born of nature's most shimmering, most luminous essences. The zesty freshness of blackcurrant and honeydew blend with aquatic florals to create this radiant, sensual scent.

This smells fresh and citrusy. It's a nice change from my usual sweet fragrances!


  1. That's so sweet of her to give you the fragrances. The one from Davidoff sounds nice :D

  2. Hi Gaby :)
    Hmmmm, I expected more from the Marc Jacobs perfume...I'm not a fan of very light smelling perfumes either because I like to smell my perfume on myself ALL DAY LOL.
    My older sister used Davidoff Cool Water for a long time when I was younger so I'm familiar with the scent. Reminds me of Oceanus from The Body Shop - that kind of sea inspired scent....I'm not a fan actually. But the models for that perfume ad have the most gorgeous blue eyes!

  3. so many people wear the Davidoff it's crazy! and I agree with the Daisy, after a while I started to get paranoid that bees would be after me!

  4. Oooh! I love samples! And sales :)

  5. I'm sorry about your dog as well so hard losing them. I love samples! they don't give enough of them here.

  6. I love samples too! anything free is cool!

  7. imma a HUGE FAN or marcJacobs daisy lol i even got daisy charm the solid perfume >:D whoooo!!

    thanks for your sweet comment Gaby!
    imma now reading & following yours

    stellar xoxo

  8. that was so sweet of her! i need to go to sephora and smell around for a bit :)

  9. Hi again Gaby :) Definitely - sake is great. Either I drink it hot at the restaurant (usually with my meal)...but when it's hot you can taste the alcohol in it much more. I tried it cold for the first time last week and it's awesome - it's so smooth. There are certain sakes that are meant to be served chilled - and I recommend going with those types first :) Let me know if you try it and what you think!
    Oh and I tried the Sleeman’s cream ale that you like – it’s good. I can see how a lot of people like it but I think because I don’t like ales in general, I still love the Sleemans honey brown a lot more :) Thanks for the suggestion though – always good to try new beers esp if they are Canadian LOL
    As for our eczema, I know - I really had the same problems as yourself. I think we also developed eczema the same way perhaps - and we even have it on the same fingers!
    Same with my prescription cream - everytime I used it and the condition seemed to improve a lot, it would all of a sudden get worse again like before :(
    The other Aveeno creams I have tried all have colloidal oatmeal in them as well but they don't seem to work the same as the Aveeno eczema cream or the Cetaphil Restoraderm for me. I don't know why...maybe there is another key ingredient they are using? It's really worth the try - it has helped me so much and I think with persistant use of the eczema lotion while making sure not to use irritating soaps/cleaners, I think I can get rid of it. Let me know if you try it!

  10. Mmm, I love Daisy, I bought a giant bottle of it a few months ago.

  11. @Sulora: I love samples too =D

    @Eva: Aww thanks. Dogs are the best! I used to think they weren't giving enough samples here in Canada compared to in the US... but I have changed my mind! You just have to search the web... a lot xD

    @Keirasluckycharm: You bet!

    @stellarvixen: I wish I was loving it as much as you do... but I just gave it to my mother.

    @Miss*Kimmy: I'm glad you like it (=