August 04, 2010

Thank you France!

One of my mother's friend, France, is moving and so she is giving away some of her stuff - including clothes - she doesn't want anymore. I haven't really took a look at all of her clothes yet, but my mother showed me two pieces she knew I would like:

Actually, those are the same model (Demanding by Say What? Short sleeves cardigan) in two different colors. I love them! Thank you, France!

But that's not all! She is also getting rid of her Celebrity refrigerator and her patio chair. My father thought the fridge would be a perfect fit for my room... and it did! And the patio chair was also for me, as I told my mother it would be nice to have one to read in the sun (=

 This will be mainly a beer fridge LOL.

 Miller Chill

 Oh and I also stored my nail polishes in it (=

 Me enjoying the patio chair (I'm reading Lipstick Jungle)


  1. ah c'est bon lipstick jungle?? Je sais qu'il y a aussi une série télévisée mais j'ai jamais reagardé.
    Ils sont cool les cardigans!

  2. Oh nice little haul. A lot of people don't like "hand me downs" I guess you could call them, but I love them!

  3. @Stephine: "Hand me down"? Never heard this expression before LOL. Are you talking about the cardigans?

  4. I actually enjoy hand-me-downs because sometimes the person has good stuff and I didn't have to buy them. And if I don't like something, I don't feel as guilty throwing them away - or giving them to someone else!

  5. @ndoodles: OK now I get it! I just never heard this expression before xD Yes it's great to receive nice stuff, but I don't throw away what I don't like, I will give it to someone else, or to charity (=

  6. Nice cardigans and I like that mini fridge!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  7. I like your outfit


  8. @Marie: Thank you! I'm glad to have a fridge in my room =D

    @Becky: Thank you!

    @beautylicieuse: N'est-ce pas? (=

  9. you look amazing with the black jacket thing :)

    beer fridge ftw!

  10. love the cardigans ,,

    and the chair haha ,, loved the last pic ,,

    enjoy em =)

  11. Hi Gaby :)
    I LOVE how your fridge is full of BEER!!! And it's in your room too! How convenient is that? :) I'm wondering now if have tried Sleeman's cream ale - I'll look out for it next time although I love their Honey Brown Lager.

    That's great that some of France's stuff found a loving home with you :) I love both the cardigans. Cardigans are great for layering!

    And I love sitting outside to get some sun. If skin cancer didn't exist I'd be out there all the time.
    That actually makes sense how you explain the different eczema prescription creams and what they're for (different stages of eczema). I'm pretty sure the one my doctor prescribed me is super strong. So hopefully the Aveeno eczema cream does the job of getting rid of mild eczema!

    I remember you said you're like me and that you're pretty scared of getting injections :\ It didn't hurt when I got my allergy test - but it was certainly annoying after about the tenth scrape on my arm. I think you should really consider going to the allergist because when I went, it really cleared up any questions on what I thought I might be allergic to. I'm sure you can bring your boyfriend for support :)

  12. thanks for putting my blog on yours...visit the blog when u r free and drop comments as per ur wish and even u dont like ...drop comments.

    do follow my blog if u really like it means..

  13. @Lily: Thank you!

    @Princess Feef: Thank you! I will (=

    @Maubrey: You're welcome (=

  14. Gaby, why do you store nail polish
    in the fridge, i've never thought
    of that but why do you do it?

    do you find that it makes it work
    better or maybe dry faster?

  15. love the fridge, multiuses! :P i'm a new follower!

  16. @liz: Well I've been told that it increases their shelf life. Don't know if it's true, but it's more convenient for me to simply store them in the fridge anyway (=

    @juliekirwan: I love it, too! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back =D

  17. you remind me a bit of kristen stewart here!! always a good thing :) you have such a lovely thin figure by the way!

  18. @Lorien BeautyLove: Yes, I've been told that I look a bit like her before! I'm not sure if I like her though... but I take that as a compliment =P