August 14, 2010

Mail of the week (August 9 - 13)

Sample of Wet Synergy + $1 off coupon

My prize from Celly's giveaway:
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Remember Me Red
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Uptown Girl
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer in Teterboro Teal
I have never heard about this nail polish brand before and I can't wait to try them all! I will be doing swatches later because I just did my nail. Thank you Celly!

My coupons from P&G Brand Saver

$100 off coupon on any new phone from Bell Mobility

$100 Google AdWords gift card: To thank me for using AdSense (even if I never really used it...), Google sent me this $100 gift card to help me advertise my blog.


  1. awesome where do you get these coupons I love coupons jajaja

  2. There are a lot of coupons there!
    In Spain I think there aren't so much...only eventually you can find some


  3. awesome :D

    Thank you for your comment <3


  4. Hi Gaby :)
    I keep getting those Google Adwords coupons as well. I haven't thought about how to put it to use...I'm so computer illiterate!
    I haven't heard of Superstar nail lacquer either - but they're really pretty esp Uptown Girl and Teterboro Teal. Congratulations on winning the prize :)
    You know what?! I think it was your blog that actually introduced me to ChickAdvisor! I saw a posting for the event on their website and just had to fill out a short survey if I was interested in being one of the selected guests to attend the perfume launch party - and yay I was ;) I believe they have events in Montreal too perhaps so maybe you can check that out?
    Oh I know - it's a pain to carry around a camera to a club. My gf lost her camera last year the club - someone stole it :( None of my other friends bring cameras to clubs and the random person who does never sends me their photos even if I'm in them!! I always send pictures to my friends right away if they are in the pictures! Ugh, annoying LOL I just stash my camera in my purse wherever I go now :)
    Hmmm, you have a unique look to you. I think you could play it innocent or look naughty if you want too LOL. That's really the best when you can with different looks ;)
    Oh no....that's really sad about your gerbil Hun :( My gerbil Mousie wasn't looking well just before he passed away - same thing with the appetite loss. I know, I would be scared too to handle her. Do you think your boyfriend or maybe your Mom can check? I hope she'll feel better soon.
    Yes I did go to the Dollar store :) I prefer the Dollarama chains more than the other types of Dollar Stores. No, I did remember your V05 mask and I couldn't find it. Perhaps it will come in stock a bit later. I will definitely keep it in mind :)
    About your friend's wedding & manicure, I would suggest playing around with fake nails at least a few days before your friend's wedding - or maybe do your nails in a way you have done them before? When I first started using fake nails, I seriously kept gluing my fingers together. It was soooo annoying as I had to soak my fingers in acetone based nail polish remover to separate them! LOL Now thank goodness it's not a problem anymore like it use to be but I still have problems with air bubbles once in a while :\

  5. Nice! I don't quite get the Google Adsense thing.

    And PS. For the prize package, You should really blurr out the return address!


  6. Oooh, lots of great treats there - I'm still trying to figure out the google stuff...

  7. @Curves ahead makeup: Just answered on your blog, and I might write a blog post about it!

    @Becky: Well I had a hard time finding good coupons website for Canadian residents, but I did find some (=

    @~Lisa: I don't quite get the Google AdSense thing either LOL. And thanks for letting me know about the return address, I didn't even notice there was one LOL.

    @itsybitsyknitsy: Same thing for me! I never really used it...

  8. thanx for the birthday comment, cheers to partying & being young!! lol

    P.S. I loooove mail & coupons too hahaha

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