August 17, 2010

July in pictures


  1. Great photos! Your kitty cat is so cute. What was that pet thing, the puppy?! It's a good thing I'm going to a Japanese restaurant tomorrow... I love sushi!

  2. Great photos thanks for sharing x

  3. Great photos!
    The little cat and the baby are really cute!


  4. Great pics. I love the puppy and the kitty. love animals. xx

  5. Oh myy, cute kitten!

  6. Hi Gaby :)
    Super cute kitty that you rescued and the baby is soooo cute (and I don't usually like babies! LOL).
    Ahhhh, poutine!! I love poutine. Sounds crazy maybe but I still think the best poutine ever is from A & W. Have you tried A&W poutine before?
    Awww your baby duck pictures remind me when I saw baby ducks at Centre Island earlier in the summer. They're soooo adorable especially since they all stick together like family :)
    You're in such awesome shape Gaby!
    I actually got the lamp from CSN! Thanks for remembering. It's nice that the cost of the lamp and shipping was covered for me that time - a free lamp yay! But I'd be hard pressed to have paid the full $40+ for the lamp - it was a bit scratched on the ceramic and I find that because the lamp shade is so low it's not the most convenient model to turn on/off the switch. And I don't have big hands like some people/guys do so I'm sure someone like my boyfriend would be annoyed.
    About the cappuccino machine, well in your case you didn't really get it totally for free right? You had to pay $21.80 to cover the shipping, no? I read over CSN's Satisfaction Guarantee Policy but unfortunately they only refund the item amount and the shipping....so in this case it wouldn't make sense to ask for a refund right? Too bad they won't refund you on shipping though.
    And I'm not sure why but one of the reviewers for the machine on their website here actually shows pictures of her frothing the milk and it looks really frothy like it should be. I don't know how she did it! And it's not like Amazon where you can contact the reviewer unfortunately or else I would ask how she did it...but yeah, check out that review link for Evelyn's review and you'll see what I mean.
    Let me know if you can figure out how to froth the milk :)

  7. Nice month! ^^

    How did you get the sunscreen? Was it a prize? I've been eyeing that for the whole summer!


  8. @Café Bellini: Thanks! The dog was a stray dog we found in our yard, but we handed him to his owner quickly (=

    @~Lisa: It was from ChickAdvisor. I answered on your blog (=

  9. aww that dog is too cute! And that sushi is making me hungry!

    Great pics!

  10. Enjoyed the photos hun. Red nail polishes, cellnique products, cute babies, beaches, and chocolate cakes are love.

    Lots of love,

  11. Hi! New follower here! :) Great pics... thanks for sharing! ^_^


  12. As I was scheming through your pictures, the first thing I noticed is the cherries... lol~ I want some cherries! :X

    I really like the star tattoos around your belly button. It's really cute!

    Thanks for telling me about Giant Tiger!

  13. I love your month in pictures posts - it's a great way to look back upon memories :) Looks like you've received lots of lovely things in the post this month! x

  14. I love your month in pictures posts - it's a great way to look back upon memories :) Looks like you've received lots of lovely things in the post this month! x

  15. aww that kitten is so cute! Love your hair in the messy bun type thing :) x

  16. Omg that little kitty is so adorable! I love cats!


  17. i love seeing these kind of pics =D
    you rock the rayban shades =D ,,

  18. @Jennifae: Hi! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for the follow (=

    @Ahleessa: Thank you!

    @LilyLipstick:, Yes, I do those posts to look back at those picture when I'll be older (=

    @Fern: Thanks!

    @Princess Feef: Thanks! I can't seem to find the right sunglasses for my face shape -_-

  19. great photos!! that kitten is adorable, and you look pretty! =)

  20. That kitten is absolutely gorgeous!! So adorable.

  21. That kitten is absolutely gorgeous!! So adorable.

  22. What a great photo post! Love the cat :) Love your blog too, the reviews are wonderful.

    Sarah / http://pinchofpretty.blogspot.com

  23. aaaaaaaa its so many pictures i

    hey gaby did you get any of the
    cellnique produts free?

    i went to the website once and
    days later got an offer for a
    sample free, and got this masque
    that smells like pinapple but it
    isnt my favorite, it kinda gives
    me a headache lol.

    @ the curling iron i bought for
    $4.99, i know huh i couldnt wait
    to try it and so i did and OMG
    girl it works amazingly, im so
    glad i finally bought it because
    i always wanted one that size to
    get some big sexy curls lol. now
    i have it and it was only 5 bucks!
    yeyaaa! xD

  24. @Makeup Majesty: Thank you =D

    @Sarah: Aww thanks! I'm glad you like my reviews!

    @liz: I'm glad you liked my post! Yes I actually got those Cellnique products for free. I entered a giveaway to win samples, and I received an email from their promo team asking me if I would be interested in receiving some full size products to review on my blog. And wow I'm glad that your iron works that great for such a nice price!

  25. OMG! That kitten is to die for, I want! lovely picture girl!