July 21, 2010

June in pictures


  1. WOW ,, look at that river / fall / nature <3
    so Amazing ,,

    baby kitten is cute ,, getting older =D

    the cake =(
    yummy ,,

    great pics ,, have a nice day

  2. Wow you got a lot of stuff! The kitten is adorable and it looks like Balou had a good life.

  3. I love the pictures in your post Gaby.
    Congratulations on getting such an amazing grade in your course :) I did terribly in University for the most part :\
    The pictures of Dorothe, Balou and the baby kitten are so touching :)
    How is your new pet rat doing?
    Bobo my guinea pig is a great companion. Yes, he does spend most of his day in the cage which is convenient for me. But I do let him run around my place when I'm able to watch over him. He needs a lot of attention especially if he's out of his cage because he'll bite anything or try to eat anything :\ No, Bobo's not hard to care for at all. Definitely more expensive than taking care of a gerbil because I use to have two gerbils and neither of them liked shavings in their cage. However with my guinea pig I need to change his shavings every 2-3 days so that adds up. And he loves fresh lettuce and eats a lot of it so that adds up as well. It's certainly not as demanding or as expensive as a dog but a bit more expensive than a gerbil. And in terms of time to take care, I would say gerbil and guinea pig are about the same. I gave my gerbil a lot of attention too :) And actually my gerbil would get jealous of Bobo if I didn't give him enough attention! I hope that helps answer a bit of your question Gaby :)
    OMG I love cheesecake! I think it's my favourite kind of cake.
    And your pictures with your friends and boyfriend were nice to see! You look great in your pictures. The camping and river pictures captured some great moments as well.
    And that's a really cute strawberry plant that is hanging in the pot!

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  5. Ur kitty Kat is adorable.. I enjoyed this pictorial post immensely :-)

  6. Vraiment cute les photos de chacun des animaux!

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  9. Cool pics!



  10. @Princess Feef: Yes, nature can be stunning! And yes, the kitten is getting older pretty fast )=

    @Ahleessa: Yes, I've had a lot of fun in the past month (= I also think balou had a good life.

    @Maubrey: Thank you! I'm glad you like my blog =D

    @Blovet Beauty: Isn't she? But she is getting older so fast! I'm glad you enjoyed this post (=

    @Becky: Thanks! =D