July 31, 2010

Freebies: free samples of Cellnique Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion

As I said in my previous post, the people from Cellnique would like to offer free samples of Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion to my readers. First 50 readers that register on Cellnique's website and enter the following will be entitled to received the sample:
  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Where do you hear about us? : gabysbeautyblog.blogspot.com
  3. Company: your blog’s url (if any – and you might stand a chance to do a product review).

Please allow within 4 – 6 weeks for sample delivery. Substitutions of sample will be made if sample is out-of-stock.


  1. Great! (^_^)

    Please, enter my 1st Giveaway:

  2. Thanks for sharing Gaby :)
    Haha - yeah everyone I've talked to about Cellnique also hasn't heard of it including dermatologists. I think the company is really trying to get their name established by sending a lot of products to test out to youtubers and bloggers.

  3. Just registered! Hope they ship to the UK. xoxo!

  4. @Becky: Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! I just entered (=

    @Karen: Yeah, I hope it will work!

    @Ms Bubu: Ça me fait plaisir! =D

    @UrbanMermaid: I think so, as they haven't mentionned anything regarding location.