April 08, 2010

Mail + Nice 'n Easy haircolour + NOTW

YEY! Today I finally received the leggings I ordered through eBay like... almost 3 weeks ago? I ordered them on March 21 (if I remember well) and the seller shipped them the same day. I started to freak out some days ago as I'm so impatient, then I realized the leggings were shipped all the way from South Korea... and I live in Canada -_- Anyway, shipping was free so I can't complain, and the seller shipped very fast! And it's not his fault if snail mail is... well... slow like a snail =P

 the package along with my May issue of Fashion magazine (it's a beauty special issue! Yey!)

That's a pretty sleek packaging! I'm definitely keeping the box ^^

A few pictures of me modelling the leggings =P

front and back (don't ask why I took off my shoes LOL)

I love them so much! This is my first experience with leggings and OMG those are so comfty! As they are winter leggings, they are made of polyester and spandex, and the inside is so soft and warm. I'm sure their thickness will keep me warm on colder days (=

There is only one thing I like less - but it's not a big deal - it's the stitching in the back: 

Sorry for the butt shot!

It's not too obvious (except if you look that closely), but it bugs me a little. Do your leggings have stitchings like that too?

I bought them from this eBay store for $8.90 USD if anyone is interested.

I also dyed my hair today with Clairol Nice 'n Easy in 121A Natural Deep Brown.

This is my favourite hair dye. I find it's the only one that gives me true radiant hair color that doesn't fade. Oh and their Color-blend technology really works! As I always go for the darkest brown available, this shade is my favourite.

Here's a picture of me before dying my hair:

It's really greasy and gross xD. 
I wish I had a closer picture of my roots though, but if you look closely, you can see that my dark blonde/light brown hair is growing out.

Chilling in the bathroom while waiting for the dye to set:

And here are the final results:

Excuse my undone hair, I let it hair-dry.

In real life, it looks black, but when I take pictures without flash, you can see that it's dark brown.

While waiting for my hair to dry, I did my nails with Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted. Yes, I finally got my hands on it! =D

I've been coveting it so much because I've been obsessed with Essie Mint Candy Apple since it came out...

but I knew I would never pay so much for a nail polish, so I was happy to discover something similar: the new Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted from the Spring 2010 Collection.

Left to right: Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Fire Cracker, Lilac Pastelle; Nail Enamel in Minted, Lilac Pastelle; Limited Edition ColorStay Eyeshadow Quad in Summer Suedes.

I wasn't sure when it would be out in Quebec, so I kept checking out for that well coveted shade in my local drugstores everytime I had a chance. I was so surprised to finally find the new Spring 2010 Collection display at my local Uniprix monday! I didn't hesitated a second to get Minted (not to mention it was on sale for $4.99!) The lipglosses looked so yummy too - especially Pink Pop - but I had to let them since I have way too many that I have to use up first.

Here's what Minted looks like with three coats on and Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat:

with flash

without flash


It looks messy because I didn't take the time to clean up, I was too excited to share those pictures with you!

It's an absolutely gorgeous milky mint green. I'm not disappointed with it, but I'm not amazed by the quality of this highly raved about nail polish. It took me three coats to achieve the perfect opacity, not to mention that the brush is so thin! I don't think I will be bying any more Revlon nail polishes, except if they come out with another wonderful shade like this one!

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  1. Gaby you are too cute. hahaha! Love the hair color. Very nice. And I am really liking those leggings. But I am also not a fan of the back.

  2. I think the stitchings are fine.:D

    You dyed your hair pretty well, I love Clairol dyes too.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Love your new hair, and what an awesome nail polish!

  4. your hair looks nice girl! :)

    I also love the nailpolish! I love the color! I so have to get my hands on that!


  5. the nailpolish from revlon looks hot for the summer. :D gabby, you are so slim.. (so envious here..)

  6. Hey Gaby!

    I gave you something on my blog so make sure you go check it out! Hope you're having a great Thursday! :D


  7. Ohhh that hair color is really pretty! Your hair doesn't even look dry or damaged after the dye job, that's great!

  8. thanks for the comment on my essie polish :)) minted looks lovely too! I haven been looking for this in every drugstore around and no luck so far. I still have Maybelline's Minty and China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint to try out also though!

  9. When I saw your NOTW, I thought it was the same color as the one I'm wearing right now... hehe~ I'm wearing Essie Mint Candy Apple. I swear it's an exact dupe!

    Whenever I look at my profile page, it says Ahleessa and has a picture of my eye. When I follow someone, it's gone. I don't know what to do because it wasn't like that two months ago... hehe~

  10. my mom uses nice n easy!! it's a nice brand.. and easy. buahaha.
    i also just bought the lilac pastelle polish today, as it was on sale. it's a beautiful color but it takes like three coats to get opaque and i'm very impatient. oh well :P
    i gave you a blog award (: xx

  11. Hi Gaby :) Ooo I love the colour of the Revlon polish. I know what you mean though - I find that Revlon polishes are very thin in their coats and I need three coats as well with that brand.
    I haven't tried Nice'n easy. I think my parents have...I've only used Feria for hair colour at home and it's pretty good! But I think I'm going to try to just let my natural hair colour grow in and keep it like that until I get grey hairs and then have a reason to really colour ;)
    Hmmm...the leggings did take a while to arrive but as you said, you can't blame anyone once the parcel is in transit. I love leggings. They're actually warmer than my jeans in the winter. And when it's really really cold, I even wear them under my jeans! My leggings don't have stitching like that. They look really good on you though! Plus, you can always hide the stitching if you want by wearing a tunic or a long tank top.

  12. Hey Gaby it was nice to meet you in person yesterday at the wharehouse sale. I waited 30 min in the cold to enter but it was definitely worth it !!! I had the worst allergy on my eyes so I hope you were not scared . You're good with accent, I am french!
    Fot the Revlon, I have the Mint apple and it'S a nightmare to apply even if it's 3x the price of the Revlon one..I don't mind the stitchings on the back of your leggins, they look cute on you !

    Caro xxx

  13. Love your new color!!!And for your question it works so good that I couldnt believe in the mirror!!

  14. Great post. I actually like my leggings have stichings like that.


  15. @LCzinha: Thank you! TheBut I think the stitchings are not bugging me that much finally, I guess they just needed some used to.

    @Marie: Thank you!

    @Beauty Vibes: Thank you!

    @Breee: Thank you!

    @donnarence: Thank you!

    @awful beautiful disarray: Thank you!

    @Chels: Thank you! I have to take great care of my hair as I dye it every month.

    @marti: I have been lucky to finally find it at my local Uniprix, I wasn't expecting that!

    @Ahleessa: Yes, I'm glad I find a dupe for Mint Candy Apple ^^

    @Liza: Yes, I just love Nice 'n Easy. The lilac nail polish looked good too, but as I'm not really impressed by the quality of Revlon nail polishes, I'm not sure I will buy some again -_-

    @MUA: I didn't even noticed your allergy, I swear! I'm glad a found a dupe of Mint Candy Apple, especially if you say that it's a nightmare to apply LOL.

    @lovelyviolet5: Thank you! And thanks for your feedback on the leggings!

    @Samantha: Thank you and thanks for the feedback on the leggings!

  16. thats the exact colour i want my hair to be! :D
    and a few pairs of my leggings do have stiching in awkward places.. but I always wear leggings with longer tops or short short dress so :/ idk.