March 31, 2010

Mail (eBay)

I received the nose stud I ordered from this eBay store yesterday. They shipped the jewel two days after my payment, which is OK... I was expecting it would be the day of the payment or the day after, but hey, I guess that's just because that's what I experienced with my previous eBay purchases.

It came with a free nose ring backing (which I absolutely don't know how it's supposed to be used?) and nicely wrapped in an organza bag and jewelry box.

The seller even included a 10% off coupon code on my next purchase (=

I couldn't get a nice picture of the stud with my camera (it's so tiny!) so here is the picture from the listing:

Here are the details of the item:

I've been looking for a high quality nose stud with a clear gemstone for a long time now, because the ones I had where all from Ardène (a store that sells cheap jewelry at inexpensive prices) and the gemstones either fell out or where sticking out of my nose (this one is designed to lay flat on the nose). I took advantage of the free shipping offer and bought this jewelry for $12.99.

After many tries, I've finally been able to switch jewel! I hate to switch piercing jewel, it either hurts (even with Vaseline or Vitamin E) or feels strange (especially my nose piercing). And I'm always scared the hole will close before I've been able to put the new jewel in even if I know it won't!

I took some picture to show you what the stud looks like on my nose, even if you can't really see it clearly:

yes, my nose is red because as I said, it hurt to remove the other stud

It's really pretty and sparkles a little when it catches the light. I went with the smallest size available (1.5 mm) just to be sure it would be OK for my future job or even if I decide to search for a student job.

Now I'm still waiting for my leggings to arrive. I ordered them before the nose stud, and the seller marked them as shipped before the stud, too! It's been more than a week now... I'm so impatient, I know xD


  1. Looks subtle and cute.:D I think it's a perfect little stud.:D

    Have a nice Wednesday!:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Ooo, cool piercing o;
    I remember when my friend had hers done and her nose was bright red the day after.. XD

    XD! It is pretty pointless. I skip through most of the people on there 'cause they look so creepy. A chat roulette addict?! HAHAH.

  3. That's unfortunate that it hurts to change your nose ring despite using baby oil or vaseline :( But I love the small white crystal stud you chose!
    Oh I know - I buy my body piercing jewelry from Ardene because it's so convenient but I agree that the quality is rather poor :\
    I feel the same way about ordering on ebay - I want the item right away LOL.
    Awww, and thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog Gaby :) Purple eye shadow is really pretty on you so I'm glad I could inspire you to use it!
    OMG - yes I am wearing a F21 top in my FOTD picture. Remember how I told you I love those $4.50 tanks from there just like you? LOL.
    I just managed to get a hold of those Asian sheet masks everyone is talking about. I got it from a supermarket called T & T. I'm not sure if they have it in Montreal...
    I just checked my gloves that I use overnight and I have no idea if it's cotton. And they're purple in colour LOL. So thank you so much for the tip Gaby. I will look out for white cotton ones and give it a go :)
    When you told me Guimauve's real name I smiled because I had two gerbils and my second gerbil should be named Mousie II because I had another gerbil before him named Mousie LOL. I'm not very creative with names! I'm allergic to my guinea pig as well but like your rat, I love my pet so I keep him :)

  4. Cute! I always wanted to get my nose pierced but I never got around to it.

  5. Cute piercing! Hope you get & enjoy your leggings soon. It sucks sometimes because the shipping takes forever (depending on where it's being shipped).

  6. very cute i used to have my nose done but i got fed up with i flaring up and going red so i took it out. but yours looks good :)

  7. Kute, how long have you had your nose pierced? I've had mine for almost 2 years now and I haven't really had any problems with it hurting when removing the stud, it only was like that for maybe 2 or 3 months when I firs got it. Do you have a Clairs by you because they sell nose rings and mine were $8 for a pair of 3 and they are good quality and all and they lay flat on the nose. If you can you should check it out :)

  8. haha I can relate for the impatience stuff ;-))) I am avidly waiting for sleek palettes to arrive !
    I am so happy I discovered your blog (canadian chick Yeahhhh), I will see your reviews with great interest...
    Your dog is the cutest and your little rodent is too cute to be true!

    Caro xxx

  9. nice! that's a cute stud! :D

    I am now following you, follow me too yah?

    thanks :D